Real Racing 3 Hack

Few games are able to make you think. I do not mean the puzzle games or in which you have to reel you brains out, but rather to those that lead you to think the message that is transmitted or the average video load in general.

Real Racing 3, although not me place before moral dilemmas or tell me stories imbued with meanings, is one of these games that make me think. Specifically, Real Racing 3 leads me to reflect on how it has changed this sector with the arrival of the games for mobile devices and free-to-play model.

I admit it: is a strange feeling, during which I alternate moments of euphoria with deep sadness. Let's start with the euphoria. Makes

Feeling that leaves touching the icon of Real Racing 3 for the first time is of profound AWE and wonder. With a couple of laps already believe it you: are a game extra care on a portable device that is not a console. And what is more rare is distributed for free. I've played dozens of games of races for handheld game consoles, but Real Racing 3 is, by far, the portable experience closer to Gran Turismo 5, I've had the pleasure of driving. In a way, is more like the main Gran Turismo which bore only the name Gran Turismo for PSP, of GT.

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