Farmerama - Gpotatos Farming browser game

Farmerama is a MMORPG free browser game, where you have your own farm and make authentic farmer's life. In Farmerama MMOS have, from the beginning, a farm, a barn, a mill, a water tank and a dunghill. But everything will depend on your work on Earth. You be able to turn the plot into a field of flowers, a Grove or in a garden filled with stands? Or you might want to dedicate yourself to the livestock. 

There are different types of trees, land and stables: different fruits, flowers, vegetables, various sizes of land and stables for each animal. With each level you reach, you'll have new fruits, vegetables and animals available. Get the premium pack, it will give you some advantages.

In the city you have everything you need for your farm: seeds, stables and cuttings for your fruit trees.
In the market you can sell goods at good price and trade with other players. At the post office you can write messages to other players and send goods per package. In the Bank you can improve your financial situation. 

You can also turn you into Premium. In the Watchtower, you'll find the support needed to protect your farm or to throw you a hand. The most important and current information is located in the agricultural Gazette. In it, you can consult the news, get information about plants and animals, and agricultural advice. Of course, it also includes jokes and gossip about the various farms. Use the advertising section for words to your business. In the sports section is the classification.

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