The Sims FreePlay

The creators of the Sims 3 version, is a version of the Sims that you can play for free on Android.

• Design dream homes or choose houses previously furnished for your Sims
• Take care of your pets, cultivated your garden or make a cake
• Choose a profession for your Sims and earn simoleons to improve their standard of living
• Complete objectives, points of lifestyle and then spend them on objects coolest
• Lives with your Sims in real time (if it's day or night for you, will also be so for your Sims!).

And, most importantly, play for free!

Do you think that your Sims will be friends or foes? Forging relations: Tip slaps, hits the five (or beam Woohoo!). Bore your city by filling it animals, dealers and supermarkets. It expands the city to get more Sims.

Free thirst, Sims! Be free! The possibilities are endless!

  • -This new version of the Sims is designed for devices that work with Android and is not linked to the Facebook game.
  • -You need an internet connection to play; check that your phone is connected.
  • -Due to the high quality of the game, we recommend to connect to a WiFi connection to download and play.

For the iOS game you can download it here.

Simpsons Tapped out on iOS

EA lays claim to being the company that more titles launches for mobile devices, and in your pre-Conference at the Gamescom of yesterday there was also place for one of them.

Simpsons Tapped Out in iOS

In particular, Peter Moore announced the return of The Simpsons Tapped Out for Apple's iOS devices. And it is that title set in the universe of the most popular family of America had to be removed some time ago from the App Store (few days after its release in March), when your servers collapsed by the large number of users who downloaded this software it is. After apologizing for it (look at the "d'oh!" that has come off), the EA directors reviewed that they added new content to the same.

This free-to-play game allows us to create our own custom Springfield, after a dismissal of Homer which has led to a fusion of the core, leaving the shattered city. So we can build a new city to our liking, placing different locations of the series (school or the store comics, to cite only a few examples), as well as to place rivers, roads and different decorations.

We will have to buy virtual money (or donuts) buildings, which will obtain by completing a series of tasks helping the characters of the series. Who is logueen Origin account, visit the virtual Springfields of his friends to do some vandal on them and steal money from their buildings.

The Simpsons Tapped Out is now available for download from the App Store German and reach the United States.UU. During this week. Other countries will be receiving it within the next month.

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Reviewing Injustice on iPod iOS

Injustice Gods Among us is another Hero game following the rise of several good movies from Marvel and DC. Although far from their versions of Xbox 360 and PS3, the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us where we can fight with characters like Superman, Batman, the Joker, wonder woman and Green Lantern, has many merits to Excel if same.

The story is the same as in the console versions: there are two universes where in one, everything is as we know it: superheroes, villains, the Justice League and every day saving the world. In the other universe, superheroes are bad and the villains try to be a sort of "insurgency" to end the reign of horror.
Somehow, both universes intersect and everything becomes entirely unclear, with a destroyed metropolis and Superman to appear anywhere. It is here where begins the struggle of all against all, because it is clear that already is it cannot rely on anyone in a situation like this.

Well, I will start reporting that this game weighs around 500mb by which, in addition to the time it takes to download, if it is a very nice piece of your device memory. The good news is Injustice Gods Among Us is "free-to-play", which is free to play, except for in game purchases that your you do within the same game and also respects the same models, textures and visual quality that homemade versions therefore visually if it is impressive for a mobile game.

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Real Racing 3 Hack

Few games are able to make you think. I do not mean the puzzle games or in which you have to reel you brains out, but rather to those that lead you to think the message that is transmitted or the average video load in general.

Real Racing 3, although not me place before moral dilemmas or tell me stories imbued with meanings, is one of these games that make me think. Specifically, Real Racing 3 leads me to reflect on how it has changed this sector with the arrival of the games for mobile devices and free-to-play model.

I admit it: is a strange feeling, during which I alternate moments of euphoria with deep sadness. Let's start with the euphoria. Makes

Feeling that leaves touching the icon of Real Racing 3 for the first time is of profound AWE and wonder. With a couple of laps already believe it you: are a game extra care on a portable device that is not a console. And what is more rare is distributed for free. I've played dozens of games of races for handheld game consoles, but Real Racing 3 is, by far, the portable experience closer to Gran Turismo 5, I've had the pleasure of driving. In a way, is more like the main Gran Turismo which bore only the name Gran Turismo for PSP, of GT.

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