Another TSTO Halloween Update

You've read our previous post on Simpsons Tapped out and we did mention it is one hot and addictive game.  With the Halloween just around the corner, developer of the game had to come up with a new update to go in hand with the holidays.

This is version 4.5 Ghost Halloween update, similar to last years update.  Of course, by now you are familiar with the ghost and goblin attack that try to invade your town Springsfield.  Not to mention the aliens have also come back...(why is it only on halloween that they return??? is it their summer time? lolz).  So with this invasions, you have to get your giant ray gun so you can exterminate the aliens or tap out those goblins to get some goos.

Speaking of which, goos is another currency that you will need to unlock certain quests and season decors, characters and buildings.  This has now added another exciting content to the already fun game and with that, we salute to the makers for a very job well done.

This game has already been long.  Well, the Simpsons is after all an all time classic and that is probably why many continue to love the old TV show that has successfully connected to the new and younger people through social media and games. For more info on simpsons tapped out holloween read it here.